Tantric Massage for Women

Indulge in the extraordinary experience of tantric massage, a powerful journey that beckons every woman to unleash her inner goddess and embrace a newfound sense of liberation.

It goes beyond the physical realm, allowing women to explore their sensuality, emotions, and spirituality in a safe and nurturing environment.

Why Choose Our Tantric Massage?

Safe Space

We have a safe space where you can explore and nurture your body, mind and soul.

Full Relaxation

Our massage brings full relaxation reducing stress, rejuvenating body and mind.

Sensual Journey

You'll discover a new whole world of sensations hidden in your own body.

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about the benefits

Yoni massage, also known as yoni healing or yoni therapy, is a practice that focuses on the female genitalia for the purpose of relaxation, healing, and pleasure. It is a form of intimate bodywork that aims to provide various benefits for women.

One of the primary benefits of yoni massage is stress relief. The gentle and loving touch involved in this practice can help women relax and release tension from their bodies. It can also promote a sense of deep relaxation and overall well-being.

Yoni massage can also help women connect with their bodies and increase self-awareness. By exploring and becoming more familiar with their own yoni, women can develop a stronger sense of body acceptance and appreciation. This can lead to increased confidence, self-esteem, and sexual empowerment.

Another benefit of yoni massage is the potential for emotional healing. Many women carry emotional traumas or blockages in their yoni, which can manifest as physical or emotional pain. Through yoni massage, these traumas can be acknowledged, released, and healed, allowing for emotional growth and transformation.

In addition, yoni massage can enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. By stimulating the erogenous zones of the yoni, women can experience heightened sensations and orgasmic pleasure. This can lead to a deeper connection with their partners and an increased sense of intimacy and fulfilment in their relationships.

This transformative practice offers abundance in benefits, leaving you feeling rejuvenated, empowered, and more in tune with your body and soul.

Moreover, tantric massage celebrates the beauty and sensuality of your body, promoting body acceptance and self-love.

You’ll discover a newfound appreciation for your own femininity, unshackling yourself from societal pressures and embracing your unique essence.

Our Massages

Tantra Classic

1 hour - 4 Hands Massage
£ 140
  • Tantra Classic massage is a basic tantric massage of the whole body with Yoni area. An ideal massage for people who are starting their journey with holistic massage. Thanks to our session you will regain self-confidence and accept your body.

Tantra 5 Elements

90 Minutes/ 2 hours - 4 Hands Massage
£ 180/220
  • The 5 Element Massage is inspired by the fundamental principles of Tantra. It offers the possibility to connect deeply to its essence, its body and the circulation of vital energy. This relaxing and unifying massage passes through the 5 touches: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Ether. Each type of contact helps to awaken the qualities of each element in the body. Thanks to the technique of building up energy towards the heart chakra and full presence in the body, you can experience wonderful, ecstatic experience. For customers wish massage can be culminated with celebration of Yoni area.

Tantra Sensual

90 Minutes/ 2 hours - 4 Hands Massage
£ 200/240
  • This massage is addressed to women who want to feel exceptionally intense experience by double celebration of Yoni where it gathers sexual and spiritual energy within the body. During Tantra Sensual Touch massage Yoni area is massaged at the beginning and at the end of the session. Reserve more time for more pleasure!

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Our Tantric Practitioners

As a passionate couple, our mission is to guide you on a transformative journey that unravels the extraordinary experience of your own body. We aim to elucidate the profound benefits that tantric massage can offer, going beyond mere pleasure to foster inner peace and balance.


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Tantric Practitioner

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Tantric Practitioner

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