Do you Need Help choosing
your tantric massage?


As a matter of fact you are always ready for a tantra massage, since tantra is always starting from where you are. A tantra massage offers you the possibility to just relax and receive love and conscious sensual touch.

But sometimes your mind can easily think that there is something in particular that you need to ‘be’ or ‘do’ before you come for a massage, and this may create doubts in you whether you are ready for it. You are welcome to write to us or call us and ask us questions, if you are not sure whether you are ready, or if you feel uncertain about whether tantra massage is for you, or uncertain about how it is to receive a tantra massage.

A tantra massage is a unique experience of deepening into the feeling of who you truly are and awakening your sensual and ecstatic potential. You can come for a massage as often or as rarely as you would like. If you are working through specific issues or aiming for a certain goal then speak with us and we will take care of you and help you through the process you are going through, and offer you a continuity in your massages, so you can go deeper into it and come out stronger.

For our regular customers that visit us for 5x times, we will offer 50% off in their 6th visit with us.

We are gladly offering tantra massage to guests at all ages, as long as you are over 15 years of age. If you are older than 15, but under 18, you need to bring a written consent from your parents/guardian.

We are happy to give massage to guests of all ages in life.

Our guests consist of both men and women at all ages and from all places in life. You are welcome regardless of who you are – and we are looking forward to experiencing the unique human being you are.

It is not necessary to know anything about tantra before you come for a massage, it does not require any preconditions. An important principle in tantra is that “tantra starts where you are”, and we welcome you exactly as you are and regardless where you are in your life and on the tantric path.

It is very normal that the mind is drifting away during the massage, you will notice that gradually it will become easier to relax. If you would like to be more present during the massage, then you can return to the present moment either by focusing on your breath (without changing it) or by focusing on the experience of the senses and following the sensations of touch with your attention. Aim to just perceive what is happening during the massage, including the sensation of your body, feeling, thoughts, energy and consciousness.

A tantra massage in the Tantric Touch Studio is a unique opportunity for you to feel yourself and let go of all that which you usually think you should be, so you instead get a pure and loving experience of your true, sensual, loving, powerful and peaceful self. For this reason it is recommended that you turn your attention inwards, towards what is going on inside of yourself, and that you focus upon receiving and being completely present in your experience.

Often the masseurs will be open for a hug or a gentle touch, if they can feel that you are reaching out from a need for human contact in a moment when you feel vulnerable, if you feel emotionally touched or if you suddenly feel overwhelmed by your experience. Ask you masseur if you are uncertain about what is allowed. It is not allowed to touch the masseurs in an erotic or sexual manner.

It is our experience that a tantra massage can have many different expressions during the massage – some people have an experience of a deeper relaxation than ever before, others experience feeling much more alive and full of energy, while others experience deep feelings of arousal and pleasure. Some get an erection and others do not get an erection. Neither is right nor wrong, so do not be worried if you either get an erection or if it does not happen. It is important to understand that we in the massage are consciously working to learn to master and elevate the magnificent erotic energy, and for that reason our guests often experience that their worries about if they would get a feeling of contracted and unfulfilled desire, or if they would react in a “wrong” way, completely vanishes into the experience of sensuality, presence, love and spreading of the erotic energy in the entire body.

It is possible to experience tantric orgasms during a tantra massage, an ecstatic sensation in the entire body without losing the energy through ejaculation afterwards. Some of our guests even experience orgasms without having an erection. However, it is worth mentioning that for most men learning how to achieve regenerating implosive orgasms require intensive training and knowledge of how your body and energy functions. It is also worth mentioning that it is not the goal of a tantra massage to have an orgasm, but to awaken the heart, connect with the deeper part of your being and open up to life. In tantra sexuality is a natural part of our being that we aim to connect with the heart. Part of awakening as a human being and to feel more energized and full of life comes together with the harmonious awakening of the sexual energy, and therefore we consider an orgasm to be a natural expression of aliveness and awakening and at the same time neither something to hunt for or to run away from.

Our experience and the tantric wisdom is teaching us that it is important for a woman’s understanding of who she truly is not to hold back anything – neither sadness, anger, sorrow, desire, pleasure, ecstatic feelings or pure happiness. All your emotions are welcome and none of them are more welcomed or rejected than the others. Our experience is that women react very differently during the massages, and also that the same woman can experience many different reactions and emotions both during the same massage and from one massage to another. You can also experience to pass directly from a feeling of sadness to a feeling of deep pleasure during the massage, or from a feeling of shame to freedom – if you let your emotions unfold without trying to suppress anything.

If you feel desire or pleasure during the massage you can feel safe to express so – you will experience that the masseur stays centred in love and in the beautiful and elevated energy, and that he or she stays within the settings of a tantra massage. No matter how much desire or pleasure you manifest and feel, you can be completely certain about that the massage not all of a sudden develops into sexual intercourse – and you should know that you are welcome with all that you are and feel.

Finally, it is also important to understand that there is no ‘goal’ in the tantra massage, which means that there are no expectations that you neither SHOULD experience orgasm nor there is no rule saying that you are NOT allowed to experience orgasms. In our opinion, you are exactly as you should be with all the feelings that you will experience during the massage.

A yoni massage can help you in the process of becoming more conscious of your yoni, release tensions and free your ecstatic potential. We offer the yoni massage with the deepest respect and love for the feminine temple and it is not the purpose that a yoni massage should hurt. It happens that deep tensions and previous traumas appear during the massage, and if you feel that it hurts somewhere in your yoni during the massage please tell the masseur, then we will together find out if it is something to be explored or if it is better just to pass on.

Yes, as we only have one studio room for the massage.

No. A tantra massage in the Tantric Touch is a unique experience of deepening into the feeling of who you truly are and awaken your sensual and ecstatic potential. Our massages have a given frame and our masseurs are very professional as well as present with all their heart. There is never any sexual intercourse during any of the massages in the Tantric Touch. The massages are sensual, beautiful and loving, and we have a big respect for your private sphere and for our own. We are here to give inspiration, knowledge, new experiences and insight into your own potential. You will discover that a massage in the Tantric Touch can greatly enrich your couple relationship and inspire you in your everyday life for more love and intimacy.

No, the masseurs always wear a G-string (female masseurs) or boxer shorts (male masseurs).

A tantra massage is a very intimate experience. Not so much because of your nudity or the almost-nudity of the masseur during the massage, but because one of the purposes of a tantra massage is to profoundly touch the heart and go into that space where we are fully present, vulnerable and where we find the source to love from within. For this reason the masseur does not keep a distance of an arm’s length. Caring, loving and conscious touch goes far into the heart, and for this reason we put emphasis on the touch of skin-to-skin, and heart to heart, in the massages.

No. It is not possible to touch the masseurs or to have sexual intercourse, and neither it is possible to buy extra erotic ‘services’. A tantra massage at the Tantra Temple has a very clear defined setting, which allows the guest to meet his or her true sensual and ecstatic self through the touch, guidance and presence of the masseur, working with the energies.

When you experience an intense and beautiful experience together with another human being, it is natural that some feelings for that human being can occur, or you can think that the experience you had came from that other person instead of thinking that it came from something already existing inside of yourself. The massage is a meeting between hearts, and it is natural that it awakens your heart and also shows which desires, wishes and dreams you have and which you maybe forget about in your everyday life, maybe because you think you do not deserve that which you are longing for, or because you do not believe you can create a life full of love and intimacy. It is natural for the feelings to awaken and come to life. But the massages are in themselves a clear sign of your opening towards more love and intimacy in your life – otherwise you would not come for massage – and in the massages you also learn how can be more open, honest and loyal to your true wishes, values and longings and you will see that you begin to attract and create something different than you usually do. For this reason you can say that a feeling of falling in love with the masseur is a sign that you are getting to know your own heart better and that you are learning to create more love and intimacy in your own life. The fear of getting hurt or abandoned or of the fact that all the beauty comes from the other person and you therefore are going to lose it again, is a universal fear and common for all of us. There is nothing wrong in the feeling of longing or need of something and you are not ‘too much’ if you feel in love or fascinated.

We strongly recommend that you always consult your own doctor concerning questions of health that you might have, and we cannot take the responsibility of physical or mental problems that might occur if our guests avoid following the instructions of your doctor. 

Let the beauty we love be what we do.